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We now offer Large Format & Digital Printing

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A Passion for Packaging

We work with some of the largest media organisations around the world to produce innovative packaging solutions for some of Australia’s biggest releases. Creating packaging with punch is our speciality and with our full range of finishing equipment available in-house we can nurture your design to reality. Foils, laminates, embossing and die-cuts, if you can think it we can make it happen.

If you have a product, we have a packaging solution. You can be a large company, you can be a small independant, with more than 25 years of experience to back us up we can work within your budget to produce a highly finished product.

Large Format & Digital Printing

We have extended our in-house print capabilities and now provide high-quality short-run digital, variable data and large format digital printing with cutting, creasing and finishing.

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Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes are available in a wide variety of different configurations, sizes and finishes. We can offer tailor made solutions for your specific requirements. The Box board is available in different thickness grades, white or black lined.

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Casebound Products

We can offer a wide variety of different Casebound Solutions for Hardcover books, with or without disc trays. Hardcovers can also be used for a perfect premium finishing solution for rigid boxes. There are many options available in a wide choice of sizes and finishes.

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Slipcases, O-Rings & Box Sets

There are a variety of Slipcase and O-Ring configurations that can be used to complete your packaging, be it wrapping CD Jewel Case, a complete collection of Amaray Cases, Box Sets or video games.

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Booklets, Manuals, Brochures, Posters, Inlays, Slicks etc.

We can print, fold and stitch paper parts for all types of media projects. With a wide range of paper material to choose from in a number of finishes, we will be able to facilitate your requirements for booklets, inlays, slicks, flyers and posters across all media platforms.

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Digipaks, Digistack & Infiny

Digipacks, Digistacks and Infiny are a superb way of packaging your discs. There is a wide variety of trays to choose from to hold your media. There will be a packaging option available for any number of discs you require, from single trays to 50 disc box sets.

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Softpacks & Gatefolds

Softpacks are similar to Digipaks without the plastic trays. Discs and booklets sit inside pockets in the cover. Gatefolds have a closed internal spine that allows full image coverage without requiring double sided printing.

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Rigiflute combines the best of two worlds. We are using a flute material which has all the benefits of boxboard including the appearance but with a fraction of the overall weight.  Rigiflute boxes are a good alternative if you are looking for weight reduction in shipping, lowering carbon footprint and cost sensitive packaging budgets.

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E-Flute boxes are made from two outside sheets of paper and a fluted inner sheet. Because of their arched design, the flutes resist bending and pressure and serve as insulation.

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Card Packs & Gift Card

We can create Gift Card Packaging in multiple configurations including sliders, boxes and trays.

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Coded Products

We are able to print coded products using keycodes, barcodes, QR codes or unique serial numbers.

Specialty Products

Whatever your needs, we can work with you to create any configuration of packaging.

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