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November 18, 2016

Edible Beauty Consumer Packaging

In our continued drive to utilise our ability to produce expertly finished folded cartons and ‘consumer packaging’, CCS have teamed up with Edible Beauty on the production of their ‘The Core Four Travel Pack’ and ‘Luxury Toxin-Free Baby Skincare’ boxes. 


We worked closely with Edible Beauty to design 2 x rigid yet cost effective and sustainable packs to hold numerous different size and shaped products. The boxes are used for on-shelf display and to protect the products in transport internationally. The design we came up with consisted of a folded cardboard base, an insert and two sleeves slotting over them from alternate ends. The bases were double walled and all parts of both products were made from our thickest, most sturdy cardboard for maximum product protection. The artwork from the base on the ‘The Core Four Travel Pack’ continues onto the first sleeve, matching the whole way around and we came up with a design on the ‘Luxury Toxin-Free Baby Skincare’ to ensure the artwork flowed from the top around the sides.


Services used to produce this product included, prepress, offset printing, die cutting, punching, guillotining and inline gluing.

For more information or to purchase these products please visit the Edible Beauty website at