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February 4, 2014

The Sun is Shining!

Combining cost savings with a significant lower carbon footprint was the trigger for CCS to invest in a 150 KW solar system. It was the perfect time for CCS to make this decision as the Government is supporting the project with a grant from the ‘clean energy investment programme’.

CCS has invested in the latest solar panel technology, a state of the art solar system, with 600 solar panels that will be covering almost the entire area of our production building roof.  These panels will be generating up to 150KW per hour of clean electricity during the day. This is enough to cover almost all our complete daily power demand.  Every kW of Solar Power can reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by more than 2 tonnes per annum. For CCS this is a reduction of 300 tonnes per year, more than 50% of our current CO2 emission. This provides a measurable contribution to the global reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere. We are very proud that we are able to make a difference.

The system is expected to be operational by the beginning of April.