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August 18, 2014

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Global Threats

Was it the 1990s or the 2000s that the phrase “Think Globally…Act Locally” came about?

Whenever it was, it is as true today as any time. These days the threat of imports from Asia, Europe or the USA puts a great deal of pressure on local manufacturers such as CCS Media Packaging. To compound the problem, off shore production in China of packaging to be used with locally made discs, is an additional threat. At CCS we are mindful that our customers want the best prices, and it is fair to say that in many cases we cannot compete on a straight price comparison due to the scales of economy and the high level of local wages. So instead of ‘navel gazing’ we have done something positive about it.

Our latest purchase, as part of the ‘premium packaging jigsaw’ will be installed in August. This Hard Cover machine will complement the existing Rigid Box line, the Starcase machine and Digipak machine to ensure the best range of packaging is available to our customers, and manufactured in Australia.

Of course price is very important to your decision on where to place your packaging order, but there is a difference between the best price and the best value. With short lead times, renowned quality and the comfort of knowing you are dealing with a company with high social and environmental credentials.

Maybe your decision is now more straight forward.