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February 18, 2014

Driving Packaging Home….

Whilst driving home late one night, one of our management team, Bob Kew, was intrigued by an interview on a major talk back radio station. Being interviewed was Oscar de Vries, owner of the company, OSCAR (funnily enough), which specialised in the manufacture and distribution of shaving oils, based on 100% pure natural ingredients. Oscar had been invited by one of Sydney’s top talk-back radio stations to talk about the award that he had recently received from Men’s magazine, for best product of the year.

Bob thought there could be good synergy between Oscar and CCS, so he alerted Gerry van Happen, who by chance has a Dutch background. The two Dutchmen got together, and Oscar instantly started to talk about all the great ideas he has to launch more of his products on the Australian, and European markets. Oscar is a real entrepreneur with a very creative mind.

This resulted in CCS being involved in designing and developing packaging to perfectly suit Oscar’s ideas.  CCS has been producing packaging for Oscar for some time now. We are very proud to service an innovative customer like Oscar and hope all his ideas become reality.